MicroFridge Senior Living Print Advertisement

I designed a print advertisement for the senior living department at MicroFridge. This ad was to feature their top model and focus on the selling features that are beneficial for seniors. The advertisement was run as a full page.

MicroFridge Senior Living Postcard

The senior living department would attend trade shows throughout the year and wanted to stay top-of-mind with their new contacts. This direct mail piece is a full color on both sides large format postcard. The postcard had a custom tracking URL in the contact information we set up to track leads.

MicroFridge Landing Pages

I worked with our web developers at Fishnet NewMedia to create a series of landing pages for the various segments of the MicroFridge business. The objective was to give more information about a specific product in a contained environment where the two options were to get a quote or learn more.

MicroFridge Website

Working again with Fishnet NewMedia, we reworked the website to be sleek and present the current relevant information. We added the three boxes at the bottom of the website so we could run promotions and promote our social media efforts.

MicroFridge Academic Email Graphic

I created this custom graphic for an email contest we were holding with academic customers. We wanted to get some great shots of MicroFridges actually being used in dorm rooms and used this graphic to draw students to our entry site.

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