ICLUBcentral Print Advertisements (Various Sizes)

A collection of full, half-, and quarter-page advertisements used for various products for ICLUBCentral.

ICLUBcentral Website Redesign

iclub.com was in dire need of a makeover. An on-staff engineer and I worked together to remove the confusing side and top navigation and replaced it with a horizontal menu. We put the cart logo in the upper right corner to allow people to access the store and see if they had items in their cart. The side topics are used for current promotions. The new, sleek website is easier to navigate and more pleasing to the eyes.

ICLUBcentral Stationery

After we redesigned the website, the business stationery needed to be updated. The images we selected reflected the target demographic as well as the core products and competencies.

ICLUBcentral Promotional Literature

I designed a series of rack cards for trade show distribution. Here you can see the full color front of the Investment Account Manager rack card as well as the black and white back. The back covers the important information about the product as well as where to purchase and/or download.

ICLUBcentral Trade Show Graphic

For trade shows, ICLUBcentral used a series of tall banner stands. This Investor Advisory Service banner reflects the design of the rack card to create a cohesive brand image.

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